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"We turned to Viginia Blower Company for a  complete dust control system for our new 50,000,000 brick per year facility... The system was well-designed and has operated with a minimal amount of attention now for eight years. We have used them on numerous occasions and would not hesitate to call them for any project involving ductwork or dust control."
Leon F. Williams III, Senior Vice President Production

Brick and Tile Corporation of Lawrenceville 

"Our experience with Virginia Blower dates back to the 1950's when Andy Weavers father ran the company. From that time until the present, Virginia Blower has surpassed its competition in engineering & design, workmanship, and competitive pricing. At Ten Oaks Flooring, we have worked with Andy on numerous jobs, from small projects to complete air handling systems. The company's vast knowledge and experience makes them consistent in quality and competence." 
B.E. Williams, President

Ten Oaks Flooring

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